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What an amazing city … just beautiful views everywhere you look. We woke early (5am, time zones!) and decided to get out early for a stroll around the hotel. We found a nice park close by and hiked around for a mile or so.

We went back to the Holiday Inn Golden Mile … very nice place to stay! We ended up purchasing the executive club membership — it was a cost effective solution … excellent breakfast and complimentary drinks during the day! We decided to just walk around the local area — we covered about 7 miles … wow! My feet are really killing me.

In Hong Kong you have to visit a mall at least once because all the foot traffic is kind of guided in that direction … so many malls, so much shopping. Not really my cup of tea. Haha. We found our way to Kowloon City Park — what a wonderful park in the middle of the city … we strolled through enjoying the trees, sights, and birds.

We did our share of people watching … we ended up back at the hotel after lunch. Very nice facilities — Deb went for a swim and sauna. I did a little Tai Chi / Shaolin and then we spent Halloween at the Peninsula Hotel’s Felix restaurant for some great city views. James Bond would be proud!

Stumbling Piper

Signal Hill Park … for signaling the time to Mariners in the early 1900s.

Below the Arch Apartments … see the plane?

Bamboo scaffolding …

The Felix at the Peninsula … 28th floor.

Incredible buildings …

The night was spectacular!

Sunset in Hong Kong!

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