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We traveled from Hong Kong to Hanoi on Day 4 … November 1st! We had an easy flight and a wonderful exchange through customs (thank you Vietnam e-visas!)

We were met by our guide outside the airport for transfer to our hotel near Hanoi’s Old Quarter (the Silk Path hotel). We used Audley Travel as our tour company — the service has been excellent.

We got checked into our hotel and settled around 5pm.

We realized that all of our needs were taken care of when we saw this box in the closet.

I assume we can use this mask if we really needed it.

We strolled down to the old quarter the first evening (on our own) and had dinner at a local favorite … Madam Hein’s … an excellent choice! We were up early again the next morning and decided to walk around the lake near our hotel … at 0630 the lake was completely crowded with people! Folks of all ages were out exercising, dancing, visiting and generally having a good time. Cool. Here are a couple of photos I took of our walk …

Sunrise on the lake.

One of the many groups of ladies we saw dancing in the morning!

Later that morning we went out for a tour with our guide — a cultural tour of the city … we visited the Temple of Literature (the earliest University in Hanoi) and walked around a couple of “War Memorial” locations (site of a B-52 crash and the lake were John McCain landed when he bailed out of his aircraft). Again … a few photos. (I want one of these Bonzai trees …)

The entrance to the Temple of Literature.

A beautiful bonzai tree with base …

Wreckage of a B-52 bomber in the heart of Hanoi.

The memorial erected to John McCain’s memory near the lake where he was captured.

Finally, the highlight of our day was a walk around the old quarter with a local food expert — we tried all kinds of things … from fried worms to classic Vietnamese Pho. All of it was excellent … I even had a Hanoi Beer and a cup of “Fresh Beer.” The fresh beer costs 10 cents … you could drink a lot of that! One of the challenges of visiting Hanoi is crossing the street–the traffic kinda obeys its own rules … I took a short video to demonstrate the challenge. Enjoy!

Stumbling Piper

The “Fresh Beer” keg … a rice-based beer similar to Budweiser. Has to be consumed within 5 days … once opened, must be finished in 24 hours.

The classic “Beef Noodle Soup (Pho).” … Excellent!

Enjoying the “Fresh Beer.” 5,000 Vietnamese Dongs …

And then you have this huge tree growing in the city.

Walking back to the hotel along the lake …

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