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The adventures just keep coming on this trip! We had the opportunity to fly Laos Airlines on this leg … we showed up early to the airport and I asked for exit row seats. The young man said he gave them to us, I thanked him, and then didn’t look at the boarding pass again until we were at the gate. When we got to the gate I realized we were seated in Row 1. Haha. That’s exit row … however, when I looked out at the aircraft, I noticed it was a two-engine propeller plane. When we went to board everyone entered from the rear of the aircraft — so, although we had the front seats, we were actually at the “back” of the aircraft–pretty funny. Oh, and here’s a shot of my nice snack on-board.

It worked out, the wait through customs was not long and we were soon on our way to the hotel. I know you can’t tell by the picture below, but we were headed in the right direction!

We had another early start the next day–our guide wanted us to climb up to the temple in the center of town early to avoid the crowds … it was a great decision.

If I remember correctly, there were around 360 steps to get to the top of the mountain.

It was a beautiful walk up and the views were great. When we were at the top, we noticed one of the vendors was selling little birds in a cage for you to release (for luck they said). It seemed really sad … we couldn’t decide if we wanted to release some or if we were making it worse for the birds by participating. In the end we decided to release some … they were just some cute little birds. Oh well …

Here is one of the release videos … the little guys weren’t that successful in launching themselves! 🙂Here’s one of my little birds after release … I’m not sure he looks that happy. Lol.

We toured a couple of more temples…so many and so much glitz! These were some of the more brilliant, glittering temples we had seen.

This Buddha is made from Jade.

Our tour originally was to visit the weaving villages, but as you may have surmised in your reading of my blog, we don’t like visiting the village people. So, we opted to visit a waterfall instead … it was a beautiful locale and was an awesome finish for the day.

We topped this awesome day with a nice Laos food option: Mexican. Haha. We found this place on Google maps and walked over for a change of food pace. A couple of margaritas and a plate of fajitas later and we were happy. There was a nice Australian lady running this local restaurant. There were also 5 people there besides us–three ladies from Arnprior (Ontario) and two from Quebec!

The next post will be about some bike riding!


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On our last day in Siem Reap, Cambodia, we were up early with our guide, Ohm. We were originally scheduled to visit Ta Prohm (the lost temple) on the bicycle ride day but we would have been there in the afternoon … and it would have been extremely crowded. Ohm recommended we get up early on our last day and visit it just as the sun was coming up … this way we could avoid the major crowds and take some awesome pictures.

We were very fortunate to have Ohm as our guide … he is very well connected in the area, being a film set manager. If I understood correctly, he worked on both Tomb Raider and the Indiana Jones movies. Not only that, he is actually a Monk. So he knows the history of the temples plus details about the movies. We didn’t take the normal tour route … we walked in through the gate used in Tomb Raider (after taking some great pictures).

When you walk through this opening and look up you realize the heads are hollow on the inside. Here’s a picture looking up through the heads in the picture above.

We walked through the moat area and then into the temple via one of the walls. This afforded us a chance to get some great pictures before the crowd showed up. Check out these awesome images.

It’s just astonishing the workmanship and craftsmanship that went into this structure … from the 12th century! Of course, even more amazing was the way all the roots/trees had tried to assume control again.

We were finishing our tour walking out the front gate as the throngs were coming in. If you get the chance, definitely start early and don’t always follow the crowd.

We were back at the hotel and on to the airport for our next destination: Luang Prabang, Laos! We thoroughly enjoyed this portion of our tour … Cambodia was worth the effort.


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