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As we traveled around Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand we had great success with all of our rental equipment.  We rented often in different countries (from the MoBikes in Thailand to Mountain Bikes in New Zealand … Uber and Lyft … rented cars in Australia and New Zealand).   Thank goodness no accidents driving and riding on the left … no accidents riding over rocks, roots, ruts, and whatever else we rode over.

However, with all good things, our time was coming to an end and we had to drop off both our bikes, the bike rack, and then the rental car.  Unfortunately, that was in two different cities on different sides of the south island!

We finished up our time in the Church Nave in Ophir and made our way over to Queenstown to drop off our bikes at Bikeaholics … they also took the bike rack off our hands and the miscellaneous pieces and parts we had accumulated during our 4 months.

It was a scenic drive to Queenstown and then back towards Geraldine (our overnight stop on our way to Christchurch).   The imagery was stunning as usual.

We passed this locale twice on our out and back to Queenstown–we stopped for a quick peak because of the name.

IMG_20190222_103850848_HDRIt wasn’t really “roaring” too much but it was still a lovely locale.IMG_20190222_104108404_HDRWe found ourselves driving by several lakes … this was just one of them.  Always with an eye towards seeing those last few birds before departing!IMG_20190222_133452935We made it over the mountains on our way to Geraldine.  As we did we passed by this lake with views to Mt Cook in the distance.  We knew we would be coming back this way on our Alps to Ocean bike ride but we couldn’t pass up stopping for a photo op!IMG_4969IMG_4966IMG_4964

We stayed at a very nice B&B in Geraldine and found a local brewery to enjoy a great meal.  It was strange not having our bikes with us … we knew we wanted to ride the area … but we knew we’d be riding here as well so we were just passing through for the view!

Valley Brewing has been around Geraldine for over 10 years … excellent beers.

IMG_20190222_175644783_HDRIMG_20190222_175800700IMG_20190222_180605092In our opinion, you don’t go to New Zealand for the food.  While we did have some wonderful Lamb shanks on the North Island, my staple on the South Island was usually the Fish and Chips.  An easy meal and one I knew was difficult to mess up! IMG_20190222_183415350

The next morning we were off again to Christchurch to drop off the rental car!  We had picked our hotel in the center of town … Hotel 115.  It was built over the Trolley Tracks.


Two nice things about this hotel … 1) it was within walking distance to the rental car drop off and 2) it was where the pickup point was for our Alps to Ocean tour.  Brilliant.

We dropped off the rental car … walked back to the room to relax before our next big adventure.  We were going through our bags cleaning things up and realized we didn’t have Deb’s binoculars.  She had left them in the Rental Car!  Twenty minutes before they were closing and it was a ten minute walk — off we went!  We made it just in time and found them under the seat.  The funny thing about this — the under cavity of the seats in this car are so deep that you would never check under there; I knew the binoculars would still be there.  “How did I know this?” you ask.  Well … when we first rented the car, one of my cycling shoes ended up under the front seat — I reached under there and found a half-full bottle of coffee-flavored Patron Tequila. haha.  The rental company obviously didn’t reach under there before — I knew they wouldn’t afterwards.

The next morning we were off on our big six-day Alps to Ocean adventure–successfully dropping off the rental equipment … and without a care in the world other than riding 300 kilometers over the next six days.

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