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If you looked at my beer mentor page (www.beermentor.me) you would have seen a couple of posts for Sydney already. This is such a diverse city it would be difficult to categorize it.

As mentioned in one of the birding posts, we started our stay in Australia up above Cairns in a small town called Port Douglas. This gave us access to the Daintree Rainforest and to the Atherton Tablelands. Here we had 3 different environments to explore — the beach (with crocodiles/Jellyfish), the Rainforest (with crocodiles/spiders/snakes), and the Tablelands (spiders/snakes/but no crocodiles). We were happy to have only seen one snake and one crocodile while there.

It was fun walking on the beach and checking out the shells and rocks.We also saw these tiny crabs all over the place.And yes, we saw some Jellyfish washed up on the beach.The rainforest was beautiful.And up on the tablelands we saw either Kangaroos or Wallaby. We weren’t sure what these were–pretty sure Kangaroos.We are pretty sure this was a Wallaby!Beautiful views up on the Tablelands….

We had a rental car in Port Douglas so we were able to drive to all of these different places … that made it easy — however, driving on the left side of the road did take a little getting used to!

From Port Douglas we drove to Cairns and then flew to Sydney. We didn’t stay in Sydney at first — we took the train to Katoomba (up in the Blue Mountains). We wanted to hike (and eventually bike [see previous post]). So no rental car here — we just hiked/walked all over the place. It was an amazing location–we stayed right near the canyon rim wall and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Off in the distance you can see the Three sisters … this is all sandstone so it continues to get shaped and reformed. Our Bed and breakfast was very near those pillars.As you went down into the valley you sometimes had mist roll in … it would be clear then misty …We took the steepest train in the world down into the valley … this shot doesn’t doo it justice for how steep it is!We also hiked on some pretty incredible structures …Always having to stop for the view, because you don’t want to walk and look here.Reminded me of a green Grand Canyon.Looking out the roof of the train … gives you a little perspective on how steep it was.Here is the train platform …

It was such a beautiful area to hike and walk …

We took the train back to Sydney and hiked (with our 40 lb bags/packs plus our other backpacks) to our hotel. We were staying down in the heart of the city so that we could get around easier. Again, without a rental car we walked/hiked all over the place. We did take a taxi to Bondi Beach (and back) because we had a tight schedule that day. Otherwise we wandered around the city on foot. It was fabulous. We ended up spending a good deal of time in the Botanical Gardens.

This is over in the old quarter of the city … a view out to the harbor bridge.One of the displays at the Botanical Garden was on carnivorous plants … these are Pitcher plants.Of course, we had absolutely stunning views of the Opera House.And many other interesting things that show up in a harbor town.Looking from the botanical garden over to the opera house.

On this trip through Australia, we took planes, trains, and automobiles! Haha. It was such an amazing trip … I loved all the birds we saw and the scenery was spectacular.

On to New Zealand for the final leg of this Southern Swing!

Stumbling Piper

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Incredible fall colors today hiking at Skaha Bluffs Provincial Park.  Want to come back and bring my Mountain Bike for the other trails.

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