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I always include Iron Man as part of my Jamestober celebration


… simply because we both had our beginnings in 1963 (he’s older … March … haha).  I started my Iron Man comic collection in the late 1970’s and have trying to gather as many as I can through the years … it’s quite the collection; just not complete.  Oh well … that’s the fun of collecting, right?






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4I remember back several years ago (try 20 or so) I had a webpage (stumblingpiper.com)

As the Internet grew in capabilities I moved away from building my own page and used new sites as they became available … myspace then facebook, etc.  Instagram is my latest.  However, I think I’m going back to the future and putting my stuff in a “blog” again.  This way I can control the content of what my family, friends, and acquaintances see without being afflicted with what those other sites want me to see/do/etc.

Let’s see if I have the discipline and energy to do this.  I’ve had several sputtering starts and stops in the past … but there’s always next time! 🙂


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What the?!?!

You may find this funny, but I love Baroque Churches.  I’ve spent some time in Germany (recently, actually) and I will be posting some random images out here of some of my favorite trips/churches/ happenings /etc.  This will be an eclectic mix … but that’s who I am … so … as Paul Harvey used to say “stand by for news.”


Oh, this is a depiction of the Day of Pentecost with the Holy Spirit falling on the chosen … yeah.

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