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Over the last couple of years, I’ve been trying my hand at photographing different night-time “phenomena.” There have been several events/activities that were very interesting — here are a few of the better photos of each of these events.

The Moon

When you think of night photography, this is probably the first object which comes to mind. It is readily available for (almost) anyone to shoot — I’ve taken pictures of the moon on several different occasions; however, I really like it when the moon is setting … Here are some of my favorite:


Here’s another one people think of … this is kind of a cheat … not really (completely) night yet … but getting close! Some of the sunsets have been spectacular … hard to capture … but I tried! lol.

Aurora Borealis

This one is tough — because what you can photograph and what you can see are two different things. There are so many vibrant colors in the photograph …. what you usually see (here in Kelowna) are whites, yellows, and maybe a little red/yellow.

Noctilucent Clouds …

Who knew this was a thing? These are the highest clouds in the atmosphere …Typically formed from ice crystals.

Neowise Comet

We were in the right place at the right time to see this one. Glad to capture a couple of photos.

The Southern Cross / Stars

The hardest photos to take … still working on my Milky Way pictures. haha. Captured the Southern Cross in New Zealand.

City Lights at Night

Was able to capture a few good ones here … see what you think!

I hope you enjoy the photos!


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I always include Iron Man as part of my Jamestober celebration


… simply because we both had our beginnings in 1963 (he’s older … March … haha).  I started my Iron Man comic collection in the late 1970’s and have trying to gather as many as I can through the years … it’s quite the collection; just not complete.  Oh well … that’s the fun of collecting, right?






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4I remember back several years ago (try 20 or so) I had a webpage (stumblingpiper.com)

As the Internet grew in capabilities I moved away from building my own page and used new sites as they became available … myspace then facebook, etc.  Instagram is my latest.  However, I think I’m going back to the future and putting my stuff in a “blog” again.  This way I can control the content of what my family, friends, and acquaintances see without being afflicted with what those other sites want me to see/do/etc.

Let’s see if I have the discipline and energy to do this.  I’ve had several sputtering starts and stops in the past … but there’s always next time! 🙂


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What the?!?!

You may find this funny, but I love Baroque Churches.  I’ve spent some time in Germany (recently, actually) and I will be posting some random images out here of some of my favorite trips/churches/ happenings /etc.  This will be an eclectic mix … but that’s who I am … so … as Paul Harvey used to say “stand by for news.”


Oh, this is a depiction of the Day of Pentecost with the Holy Spirit falling on the chosen … yeah.

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